About Us

Glide Pty Ltd was established January1999 as a general consultancy with an emphasis on strategic planning and promotions. It works with small to medium companies and many not-for-profits including charities and professional bodies.

Glide still follows its founding philosophy: We don't have services, we have clients - and we deliver what they need.

The core of what we do – where we add most value – is in a range of planning, implementation and promotion tasks that can loosely be called "consulting" (though what we do is much more hands-on and active than that word implies).

Along the way, clients regularly ask us to help implement the strategies we have developed together. Believing that we have clients, not services, we have always said, "Yes." As a result, we have grown a very wide, quite diverse range of specific services.

Highlights among these are website project management and website building, creative design services for print, e-newsletters and – perhaps must unexpectedly, creating mobile and web apps, an interest that started out as a bit of fun but soon revealed itself as a valuable emerging business tool.

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